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Terms & Conditions


Stella Travel Services USA Inc. doing business as
Travelscene, hereinafter referred to as "Travelscene," accepts
reservations subject to these Booking Conditions:

1. Validity.

Pricing is valid as stated in each offer.

2. Prices.

Prices are quoted in U.S. dollars. Travelscene reserves the right to change prices, itineraries and routing without notice. All prices have been calculated based on tariffs and rates of exchange as of the date identified on each offer. US/Foreign Taxes and fuel surcharges, including September 11th Security Fee are included. Prices are current at time of posting. Airlines and hotels frequently change their prices as a result of fare increases and/or fuel surcharges. Please Call for Current Prices. PRICES MAY INCREASE BEFORE FULL PAYMENT FOR THOSE AND OTHER REASONS. AFTER FULL PAYMENT, PRICES ARE GUARANTEED EXCEPT ONLY DUE TO AN INCREASE IN GOVERNMENT IMPOSED TAXES OR FEES. BY PAYING YOUR DEPOSIT, YOU AFFIRMATIVELY AGREE TO THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH INCREASES.


A minimum NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of US$300 per person is due and payable when reservations are initiated. Additional deposits are required for certain rail journeys, cruises, luxury lodges, exclusive island resort hotels, and non-brochure products. Your travel agent will advise you of the required additional deposit at the time of making your reservation.


Final payment must be received by Travelscene at least 45 days prior to departure. For reservations made less than 45 days prior to departure, full and final payment is due at the time of making the reservation. Failure to make fi nal payment when due will result in the reservation being automatically cancelled and you will be responsible for the cancellation fees specifi ed in Sections 5 and 7. Payment of any money constitutes acceptance of all Terms and Conditions as described herein by the purchaser and passenger.


Travelscene accepts the following forms of payment: cash, check, money order, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards. The authorization to use a credit card indicates you or your client’s compliance with our booking terms and conditions.


If you cancel your reservation, it is your responsibility to pay any cancellation fees imposed by the airline of up to 100% of the airfare. Any deviation from the set itinerary may also affect the airfare, and you will be responsible for payment of any increase in the airfare should you change the set itinerary. After the air ticket is written, any change requiring ticket re-issuance (such as a change in airline dates, routing, stops, or change of name due to the name provided to Travelscene not being exactly the same as the name on the passport) will incur a US$100 change fee plus any change and cancellation penalties charged by the airlines. The airfare includes Taxes and Fees such as: U.S. Departure and Arrival Taxes, Customs and Immigration Fee, Inspection Service Fee, Civil Aviation Security Fee, September 11 Security Fee, Los Angeles P.F.C. Tax, and International landing and departure taxes


After confirmation has been received there is a US$100 amendment fee each time an itinerary is revised. No amendments will be made until a deposit is received. Amendments made after documents have been issued will incur a US$150 fee to cover courier costs, communication costs and additional time to coordinate the changes

8. Cancellation Fees

The following cancellation fees will apply on land arrangements based on time before departure that Travelscene receives actual notice of the cancellation:

45 days or more
Between 44-21 days
Between 20-10 days
Between 9-1 days
Day of departure
Loss of full deposit
20% of total price
35% of total price
60% of total price
100% of total price

Separate cancellation policies/fees apply to select
products such as(but not limited to) private touring,
yacht charters, cruises, luxury lodges, rail journeys and
travel over special events and holiday periods. For
cancellations within 60 days of use, penalty is assessed
by supplier and may be up to 100% of total price.


Documents will be dispatched upon the following schedule, but only after the booking is complete and full payment has been received.

Days prior to departure 45+ 44-21 20-10 9-1
Day of document dispatch 21 14 7 6-1


Travel arrangements cancelled, amended or altered within 24 hours of your departure or once travel has commenced do not qualify for any refund whatsoever, whether part of a package vacation or individual components, nor can components be substituted for alternative arrangements. Unused services are not refundable.


All passengers require a valid passport and, in most instances, visas. It is the passenger’s responsibility to have a valid passport and the necessary visas for the countries being visited. Travelscene accepts no responsibility if you do not have the correct documentation for your vacation.


Items of a personal nature such as laundry, drinks, telephone and fax charges, visa and passport fees, vaccinations, meals not specifi ed, porterage, gratuities (unless specified) and departure taxes.


a) Every effort will be made to provide arrangements as described, booked and invoiced. Travelscene reserves the right to alter or cancel travel arrangements at any time. Travelscene will then provide, wherever possible, similar travel arrangements. Where travel arrangements of a lower standard only are available, Travelscene will refund the difference between the price of arrangements booked and the actual arrangements provided. If the arrangements provided are of higher standard, there will be an extra charge to you. b) In the case of a supplier failing to provide travel arrangements as reserved, either shortly before or on arrival, Travelscene will make every effort to provide alternative arrangements on the above basis, but shall not otherwise be liable to compensate you where such failure on the part of the supplier to provide travel arrangements is beyond our control.


Twin Share/Double Occupancy accommodations are based on two single beds or one double bed as provided by the hotel. Hotels provide triple accommodation generally with a twin or double-bedded room and one rollaway bed at an additional charge. Single room accommodations must be booked by people wishing to travel alone. Special requests such as non-smoking fl oors or king-size beds cannot be guaranteed.


You or your travel agent are responsible for advising Travelscene in writing of any medical conditions that may in any way affect your ability to undertake the travel arrangements that you have purchased. In addition, you must provide a letter from your doctor stating the nature of the medical condition and certifying that you are physically fit to undertake the travel arrangements as purchased. You must request in writing that Travelscene arrange any special requirements considered necessary. Without such written notice, Travelscene accepts no responsibility for special requirements not provided.


Travelscene purchases transportation, hotel accommodations, restaurant services, and other services from various independent suppliers that are not subject to its control. Travelscene CANNOT, THEREFORE, BE LIABLE FOR ANY PERSONAL INJURY OR PROPERTY DAMAGE, OR ANY OTHER SPECIAL, CONSEQUENTIAL OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES that may occur due to (a) intentional, wrongful, negligent, or arbitrary acts or omissions on the part of a supplier, its employees and others not under the direct control of Travelscene, or (b) defects or failures of any aircraft, vessel, automotive vehicle or other equipment or instrumentality under the control of independent suppliers. In addition, Travelscene cannot be liable for delays in departure or interruption of your vacation arrangements caused by weather conditions, technical problems of any aircraft, vessel, automotive vehicle or other equipment or instrumentality, strikes, war, terrorist activity, civil commotion, or any causes beyond the control of Travelscene. In no event will Travelscene be responsible for incidental, consequential or special or incidental damage or loss suffered by any person. Travelscene’s maximum liability, for any reason whatsoever, will be limited to the amount paid to Travelscene for its services. In issuing tickets and coupons for transportation of the purchaser by any means, and making arrangements for hotel or other accommodation, Travelscene is not acting as principal but only as agent for the companies, corporations or persons providing or offering the means of transportation and accommodation. To the extent Travelscene shall not be acting as an agent, as stated above, it shall be deemed to be acting as an agent of the purchasers in arranging or booking transportation and accommodation. Airlines and other transportation providers (e.g., motor coach operators) are not liable for any detention, delays, loss, damage, sickness or injury, however or by whomever caused, during the time passengers are not on board their planes or conveyances. The contract of carriage used by such transportation providers when issued shall constitute the sole contract between the transportation providers and the purchaser of these vacation arrangements.


Maps shown are for general information only and may not necessarily reflect actual routings and services provided. Hotel photographs may not necessarily reflect the standard of any room purchased.

18. CST # 2001136-50

CST # 2001136-50 Registration as a seller of travel does not constitute approval by the State of California. The following and the conditions on our brochures are our conditions upon which the contract between us, the seller of travel services, and the passengers may be canceled. Upon cancellation of the transportation or travel services, where you, the customer, are not at fault and have not canceled in violation of the terms and conditions, if any, of the contract for transportation or travel services, all sums paid to Travelscene for services not received by you will be promptly refunded by Travelscene to you unless you otherwise advise Travelscene in writing. California law requires that the following statement be made to customers located outside of California at the time of purchase: “This transaction is not covered by the California Travel Consumer Restitution Fund. You are not eligible to fi le a claim against that Fund in the event of Travelscene’s default.” We are required under California law to advise you of the following: For passengers located in California only, in the event of Travelscene’s default, you may be eligible for a refund of up to US$15,000 from the California Travel Consumer Restitution Fund. If you were located in California at the time of your purchase, you have a right to make a claim against the fund for a refund of any money paid to Travelscene that is due because of Travelscene’s bankruptcy, insolvency, cessation of operations, or material failure to provide the transportation or travel services sold. The claim must be filed within six months after the completion date of your travel. For a claim form and additional information, write to: Travel Consumer Restitution Corporation P.O. Box 6001, Larkspur, CA 94977-6001.

19. USTOA.

Stella Travel Services USA Inc., as an Active Member of the United States Tour Operators Association (“USTOA”). Complete details of the USTOA Travelers Assistance Program may be obtained by writing to 275 Madison Avenue, Suite 2014, New York, NY 10016, by email to information@ustoa.com or by visiting www.USTOA.com.

(*) Prices are US Dollars per person.