Australia & South Pacific Travel Tips & Tools

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Baggage Tags

As identification, and to enable our agents throughout the South Pacific to give immediate service, please affix the Travelscene baggage tags to your suitcase.

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Money Exchange

We suggest that you cash travelers checks at banks instead of hotels, as you will generally get a better rate for your money. In the majority of international airports, banking facilities are available to service arriving and departing international passengers. It is preferable to reconvert any local currency you may have in your possession prior to departure from each country, as in certain cases, local currencies are not exchangeable outside their respective countries. Coins are never exchangeable, except in country of origin.

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Credit Cards

Credit cards normally accepted in the South Pacific: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club.

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In cities, most hotels have porters to carry luggage. However, due to local custom and comparative isolation of many country hotels, hotel porters are not always available. If you are on an escorted motorcoach tour, your courier-driver will of course assist as much as possible with luggage handling for the tour in these country areas.

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Wash Cloths

Many hotels in the South Pacific do not provide wash cloths. It is a good idea to bring your own.

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Water & Coffee

Tap water in New Zealand, Fiji, Australia and Tahiti is generally considered safe for drinking. However, the different mineral and chlorine content may cause a reaction in sensitive travelers. Also, the American custom of placing glasses of iced water on dining tables is not generally followed in the South Pacific, nor is it the general custom to serve coffee before meals. However, a polite word to the server should satisfy any such request.

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You should bring up to a 4-week supply of medications, and it is a good idea to carry with you a prescription for any medicines you may require. Take along an extra pair of prescription glasses (or a duplicate prescription). Check with your doctor for recommended inoculations for each country.

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Bring your light clothes and swim suits. Also a light raincoat or shower-proof jacket, a comfortable pair of walking shoes and warmer clothing for travel particularly in the South Island of New Zealand during the June through September period.

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Packing Hints

Pack lightly. Dress is generally informal. As mentioned elsewhere, some of the more remote areas you may be traveling through have no or limited porter service, and you may have to carry your own bags. Never pack your passport, money or medicine in the suitcase(s) you check in as baggage. As you know, baggage occasionally goes astray.

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Hotel Check-in/Check-out

Check-in time for most South Pacific hotels is normally after 2pm, whereas check-out time is usually no later than 10-11am.

Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for important information on Reservations and Deposits, Cancellations, Modifications, Refunds, Airfares and Tickets, Passports and Visas, Package Inclusions, Baggage Allowance, and Travelscene Responsibilities.

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