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Australia is a land of amazing contrasts - from cosmopolitan cities like Sydney to the rugged outback, from tropical rainforest to the Great Barrier Reef. Nearly 90 percent of Australia's 18 million people live in cities along the coast.

With roughly the same geographic area as the continental U.S., each of Australia's states and territories has its own unique flavor... which ones you vacation to will depend on your personal taste. Find the best all inclusive Australian travel deals on the Travelscene website or contact a Travelscene specialist for help booking your vacation to Australia.

Below is a list of all inclusive vacation packages to Australia including honeymoon, diving, cruise holiday specials put together by our Australian vacation specialists for a fantastic travel experience.

4 Day Alice Springs Experience (WO15011)
Hotel, Sightseeing and Transfers
4 Day Melbourne Experience (WO15004)
Hotel, Sightseeing & Transfers
4 Day Darwin Experience (WO15009)
Hotel, tours & transfers
4 Day Gold Coast Experience (WO15016)
Hotel, Sightseeing & Transfers
4 Day Adelaide Experience (WO15005)
3 nights hotel, tour, and transfers
4 Day Brisbane Experience (WO15010)
Hotel, Australia Zoo & Transfers
4 Day Palm Cove Experience (WO15007)
Hotel, Touring & Transfers
4 Day Adelaide & The Barossa Valley Experience (WO15015)
3 nights hotel, Barossa Valley tour, and transfers
4 Day Sydney Experience (WO15001)
Hotel, sightseeing & transfers
4 Day Cairns Experience (WO15002)
Hotel, Sightseeing & Transfers
4 Day Ayers Rock Experience (WO15003)
Hotel, Sightseeing & Transfers
4 Day Port Douglas Experience (WO15006)
Hotel, Sightseeing & Transfers
4 Day Sunshine Coast Experience (WO15013)
Hotel, Car rental & Sightseeing
4 Day Perth Experience (WO15008)
Hotel, Touring & Transfers
4 Day Sydney & The Blue Mountains Experience (WO15012)
Hotel, touring and transfers
4 Day Adelaide & Kangaroo Island Experience (WO15014)
2 nights Adelaide, overnight tour to Kangaroo Island, and transfers
6 Day Australian Open Tennis in Melbourne (SO15084)
5 nights hotel, 2 day sessions to tournament, day tour & transfers
9 Day Tasmanian Discoverer (SO15055)
1 night hotel, 7 day deluxe motor-home rental & private arrival transfer
Adventure AirPass
Fly to Three Australian Cities for the Price of One!
On SALE for a Limited Time Only
Food and Wine AirPass
Fly to Three Australian Cities for one LOW Price!
On SALE for a Limited Time Only
6 Day Uluru & Alice Springs (SO15054)
4 nights hotel, tours, transfers and more!
East West AirPass - Australia Airfare Specials
Fly to Three Australian Cities for one LOW Price!
On SALE for a Limited Time Only
Reef AirPass
Fly to Three Australian Cities for one LOW Price!
On SALE for a Limited Time Only
Wildlife AirPass
Fly to Four Australian Cities for one LOW Price!
On SALE for a Limited Time Only
Icons AirPass
Fly to Four Australian Cities for one LOW Price!
On SALE for a Limited Time Only
6 Day Melbourne Australian Open Tennis Tournament - Finals package! (SO15085)
5 nights hotel, tennis finals package, transfers & more!
11 Day Best of Australia - Melbourne, Reef and Sydney (SO15029)
Round trip flights, 9 nights hotel & tours
On SALE for a Limited Time Only
9 Day Tasman Discovery (TX9AA)
Value Plus Escorted Vacation
11 Day Aussie Icons Vacation (SO15027)
9 Nights, Flights, Hotels & Tours
14 Day Australia and New Zealand Vacation (SO15028)
12 Nights, Flights and Hotel & Tours
10 Day Best of Australia's Outback (SO15030)
Flights, Hotel & Transfers
10 Day Australian Southwest Explorer (TSW10)
Value Plus Escorted Vacation
12 Day Australian East Coast Adventure (TQ12)
Value Plus Escorted Vacation
12 Day East Coast Tropical Discovery (QUSC)
First Choice Tour
13 Day Australia & New Zealand Panorama (QPACA)
First Choice Tour
13 Day Australian Highlights (IMSE)
First Choice Tour
22 Day Highlights of Australia & New Zealand ( IMZB)
First Choice Tour

Dominic Jenkinson
El Segundo, CA

Specialist in:
Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti, Fiji

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Size, Location, Population
Approximately the same size as the continental U.S. with a population of 18 million. A non-stop flight from Los Angeles to Sydney takes about 14 hours.

Time Zones
Like the US, Australia is broken into three different time zones. From Pacific Standard Time, the eastern states (New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, ACT, Tasmania) are + 18 hours, the central states (Northern Territory, South Australia) are + 19, and Western Australia is + 20 hours. Some states practice daylight saving, so these times will differ during certain months.

Entry Formalities
You must have a passport, valid for not less than 6 months beyond the date of arrival, and a visitors visa. Consult your travel agent or airline.

Australian dollar, decimal currency system. Notes: $100, $50, $20, $10, $5. Coins: 5¢, 10¢, 20¢, 50¢, $1, $2.

Bank Hours
Generally 9:30am to 4pm Monday through Thursday, and 9:30am to 5pm Friday.

Departure Tax
Departure tax is A$38 (approximately US$27) per person over 12 years of age (included in international air ticket).

240/250 volts, AC 50Hz. As the 3-pin outlets differ from those in the US a converter/adapter kit is required. Most major hotels have 110v outlets for electric shavers.

English is the official language, but you will hear many colorful local expressions. Do not hesitate to ask questions, as people are very helpful.

9am-5pm weekdays, and Thursday to 9pm. Saturday 9am-4pm. Put Akubra hats, Driza-Bone bushman raincoats, Aboriginal objects, wool products, opals and pearls on your shopping list.

Tipping is not the general custom, and service charges are not added in hotels and restaurants. In better restaurants, however, it is usual to tip up to 10%. Porters at airports, taxi drivers and hairdressers do not expect to be tipped. At railway terminals porters have set charges, but not at hotels. At any time tipping is your choice.

As Australia covers 30 degrees of latitude, there is a wide variation in its climate. Looking to the north, about 40% of the continent is in the tropics. In the southeast region of the Australian Alps, there is snow for about 6 months of the year. Primarily, Australia is a sunshine country - even in the cooler southern regions. No capital gets less than 5.5 hours of sunshine per day. Perth is the sunniest state capital, with nearly 8 hours of sunshine a day. Remember that Australia, located in the southern hemisphere, has seasons opposite North America's.

Australians don't really have a dish that they can call their own. But the country does offer a multitude of foods, from native kangaroo tails and macadamia nuts, through avocados, fresh tropical fruits, oysters and lobsters, to tender beef and lamb. And what you will find is a variety of foods prepared with the skills of many nationalities - French, Greek, Italian, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian and many others.

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