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This is an inspiring country for travelers. India boasts a rich and romantic past, majestic beauty, and colorful bazaars and festivals. Explore the bustling city streets, the vibrant colors of the Kerala spice hills, the towering forts of Rajasthan and the dramatic landscapes of the Thar Desert and snowcapped Himalayas. Delhi, the country’s capital, is a fusion of old and new, with New Delhi’s towering modern buildings providing a stunning contrast to the historic mosques and forts of Old Delhi. In Agra on the Ganges plain, experience the awe of the legendary Taj Mahal, and to the south, set on a cluster of islands and narrow peninsulas lays Cochin. Visit the mystifying temples on Elephanta Island from Mumbai or explore the famed “Pink City” and take on elephant ride in Jaipur. The welcoming people, diverse landscape, rich culture and strong traditions make India one of the most rewarding destinations in Asia.

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